Worldwide First and Unique AGILITY-Shirt Ready for the Market

The company slogan of VEXATEC – THE WEARABLE OF TOMORROW could be overtaken by its own success much earlier than even the greatest optimists hoped, for tomorrow seems to have become today at an unprecedented pace. A revolutionary innovation has become reality.

What started as an ambitious high-tech project somewhat over a year and a half ago is ready for the market and about to be launched: the worldwide first and unique AGILITY-Shirt, com- bining all previous ways of data tracking in the fields of collecting and thoroughly analyzing sports-related data.

That’s why VEXATEC, a Swiss company, has its sights on the global market. Initial meetings with strategic partners among the truly large manufacturers of sports goods generated great interest on the part of these global players. VEXATEC founder Salvatore Gandolfo states: “There is no doubt: the AGILITY-Shirt works perfectly. Even if in continuous use. Our question now is whether we should start to mass-
produce our innovation on our own or sell our technology to one of the global players? Because of its high-tech part, other market players, who did not have anything to do with sports to date, are also an option. However, this will soon be settled in the U.S. First discussions and meetings in Germany were quite promising.”

Fitness watches and bracelets, breast straps for cardio functions plus compression products to increase blood flow – all these are products to improve the performance and self-monitor- ing of athletes in everyday life and professional sports. The goal is an optimization of perfor- mance while training and at competitions. “There are already some outstanding suppliers in this field, of course, yet none of them has managed to combine all these functions to date”, Urs Ruggaber, the new VEXATEC COO, analyzed the world market.

In addition to a highly efficient, real-time ECG, it is above all the possibilities offered by 360- degree monitoring that are unique and represent an enormous advance for a lot of sports disciplines. Whether for soccer, tennis, golf, or ice hockey, rotational movements are often decisive in addition to endurance and strength. And this VEXATEC can also record and dis- play for athletes. Live if required. With the help of an app transferring the data directly to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

The Swiss company has already done intensive tests with professional athletes such as Leon Draisaitl (Hockey), Tommy Haas (tennis), Pascal Wehrlein (Formula 1), Torsten Frings, and Lothar Matthäus (both soccer) – evidently with quite inspiring results. Urs Ruggaber, who has already managed many international companies, added: “With our AGILITY-Shirt, we cannot only collect much more data than our competitors. We can also display and analyze them in real time. Already during a training session or a competition. This represents a huge potential.“
A Swiss sports revolution inspired by a vision – THE WEARABLE OF TOMORROW – will very likely turning into reality already this year.