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SPORTING AGILITY IS THE KEY PERFORMANCE OF CHAMPIONS! Especially in team sports such as football and basketball, it is not just strength and endurance that count. Changes of direction, lateral movements, which take place simultaneously in different directions of motion, must be trained accordingly. The athlete should be able to act with force and speed from all sporting directions. The functional training, which has since come into fashion, is moving towards this direction. Conventional activity trackers have so far not been able to record the AGILITY of the athlete.

The VEXATEC system is the first smartwear fitness agility tracker system that, apart from trained sports-specific skills, can support, control and monitor specific agility training. The aim is to expand service reserves and to create optimal

movement sequences in order to avoid injuries and to identify and improve the analysis of personal weaknesses, and to correct them with a coordinated training program.

The VEXATEC Agility Shirt records, stores, calculates and transmits the following measured values:




Heart rate variability


Posture / Body position


Rotational dynamics / Gyroscope


Physical acceleration (G-Force)


Calorie consumption




"Vexatec helps me to measure my agility, acceleration and speed during training. At my level the smallest details are vital for improvement. My trainer instantly gets a visualization of my live data which helps him to guide my training performance."

Leon Draisaitl / Hockey NHL





"The functions of the Agility shirt are awesome; the technic offers much more opportunities than I´ve expected, especially to optimize training sessions and players performance."

Torsten Frings / Football coach




"I'm glad to be part of the VEXATEC team – testing the huge possibilities of the agility shirt and to contribute to its development."

Tommy Haas / Tennis player




"As a Formula 1 driver, Vexatec helps me prepare for endurance and fitness. During the simulator training, I constantly receive live data via blue-tooth on my mobile phone. So I can watch my performance as it happens. With the recorded live data, I can further evaluate all values in detail. Every little detail makes me faster."

Pascal Wehrlein / Formula 1 Driver


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